Saturday, March 17, 2012

Potholders with a Punch 101 {Bermuda Triangle Potholder Tutorial #1}

So in February I did my fabric destash and studio clean up.  It felt sooooo good!  I cleared new space in my studio, donated some fabric to worthy causes (for me this is school, daycare, church or my nieces) and did a little organizing and catch up on projects.  It always feels good to do some spring cleaning and I've made leaps and bounds in the last 30 days.  This month I get to share some of my projects I made with my stash.  So, strap on your flip flops (its 80 degrees here so flip flops are NOT optional) cause fabric is about to start flying!

The first potholder I'm going to show you is the Bermuda Triangle.  This style shows off up to 4 fun prints.  Go gather your scraps, some heat resistant quilted backing and your scissors and pins for this project.

Start with cutting 4 squares all the same size of your front fabric and cut one square in the same size of the heat resistant quilted fabric for the backing.  The block can range in size from 8-10" square. I made mine 9" square.  

Fold the front fabric square into a diagonal, matching corners and press well. Repeat this with each front square.

Layer pressed triangles on top of each other into square.  When you are finished it should look like this.
Put heat resistant quilted backing on top of this square with pretty sides together and pin. If you want to add a tab to hang the potholder, pin this in one corner before stitching the front to the back.  Leave an opening so you can turn this right side out.  Stitch with 1/4" seams, back tacking at the beginning and end.  Don't forget to leave the hole!
Clip corners at an angle to remove bulk, be careful not to cut into the seam. Turn right side out. Top stitch outside edge, sewing opening shut where you turned it right side out.  I also top stitched around edges of triangles in the center for extra durability.

All done and ready to use or give as a gift.  Hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial and you pack your potholders with a punch!

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