Saturday, March 31, 2012

Potholders with a Punch 101 {The Layered Effect}

Sometimes I just love my fabrics too much to part with the scraps so I have to make something out of them, sad, I know. Its a fettish and some day it will be my undoing, I tell ya!  So today, let's indulge my fettish and make some potholders with these great Kumari Garden scraps.  These are left overs from the rag quilts I make.  The blocks are 9"x9" so these scraps are the perfect size! I like to call this one, "The Layered Effect". Go gather your scraps, some heat resistant quilted backing and your scissors and pins and lets get started.  

Start by layering your fabrics vertically.  These are a double thickness so this is two layers of fabric for each fabric swatch you see.  Line these up so you have a pretty layout. Pin the layers in place.

Zig zag the over lapping edges, removing the pins as you go.  Whenever I decide I don't need to remove pins while zig zagging, I inevitably break my needle so I'll warn you now so you can avoid it.  :)  Trim the edges so you have a square.  I like to make mine 9"x9" but you can do 8"x8" or 10"x10" too.  Now your front is done. Cut a 9"x9" block out of the quilted heat resistant fabric for the back.

Lay the front on the back, right sides together.  Pin around the outside edges leaving a hole to turn the potholder inside out.  Back tack when you start and stop.  When finished, clip the corner at a diagonal to remove the bulk.

Turn right side out and top stitch around the edge.  You will stitch the hole shut that you used to turn it right side out when you do this top stitching.

Now go make a couple more so you've got a matched set and your scrap pile is a tad bit smaller.  Cheers!

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