Saturday, March 10, 2012

Delight Guests: Hoot Owl Themed Baby Shower {Divine Twine Tip}

Is there anything more exciting than welcoming a new baby?  It doesn't really matter who's baby it is, its always exciting to me.   Its a season with so many new firsts, its exhilarating and terrifying all at once.  Having kids is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  I don't know if I love babies so much cause I'm the oldest of 7 kids and loved growing up in a large family or just because I love babies, but I agree with my momma.  She said, "If I didn't ever have to "get old" I might not want to ever stop having them."  Tru dat!  Well I parted with all my baby stuff a long time ago, but doesn't mean that I don't miss the late night feedings (yes that is such sweet connecting time even though its late), first steps, making homemade baby food, and chubby cheeks to kiss whenever I feel the urge. *sigh*  My "baby" is graduating from preschool and daycare and starting Kindergarten this fall.  Not sure if I will wa-hoo! or boo-hoo when we drop him off at his first day of school.  Well I've still got a few months to figure that out. Back to the baby shower!
So one of my customers, Lauren, shared the pictures of her Hoot Owl themed baby shower she hosted for her friend, Jaime, and baby Chloe.  Aren't these cupcakes adorable?  These toppers are great to make ahead so you can just pop them in the cupcakes at shower time.  Adds fun and festivity to the table instantly!
She made this adorable bunting in baby Chloe's name and hung it on a mirror.  Don't you just love the hoot owls on this?  Right below this bright themed banner is the advice tree for Jaime, the momma.  Guests shared advice and wishes on these cute little hoot owl shaped cutouts.  The advice tree tied in with hoot owls is so perfect since owls are known for their wisdom.  Hoot owls are also theme for baby Chloe's room, so she will have lots of uses for all these cute accessories.
The cutouts were slipped on divine twine thru the punched hole and hung on tree branches placed in a vase.  This is an ideal and easy way to create a memory for Jaime and Chloe and its eco-friendly to boot!  I say wahoo to that.
Another great way they utilized Divine Twine was hanging some cozy little jammies and onesies on a line of twine over the table.  It made a suiting backdrop for the table, don't  you think?  The best part about this is that its a gift and decorations all in one.  
I just love hearing from customers so if you have some ideas on how you've used Divine Twine that you'd like to share, please send them over!

*all images used with permission*


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  2. Glad to see the delightful pictures of owl themed baby shower. We are planning a dinner party of all the old friends at one of adorable Venues in San Francisco in a couple of months. Hope everyone joins the party and have lots of fun.