Ahmelie: (ah-mah-lee) Industrious One

True to my name's meaning, my hands have always enjoyed being busy.  I la-la-love sewing.  I've been doing it as long as I can remember and I have the fabric stash to prove it!   I love bright colors and vintage prints. I hate throwing away something that might still have useful life. I'm impatient, sassy and goal driven.  I'm a coffee-loving Scandanavian girl living in the land of Minnesota Nice.  

DIY LOVE: I love trying new projects and getting my hands dirty doing it.  My passion is in sharing my love of handmade and homemade with others.  One of the ways I am able to share my love of sewing is here.  The other way is to blog all my DIY ideas here. I mean anything this fun is meant to be shared, right?!  I would love it if you found yourself inspired to do something with your hands.  Don't sew?  That's ok, you have to start somewhere and sewing really isn't that hard.  Just try it!   If it doesn't work out, even in failures you learn something and you might just have a few laughs along the way, believe me, I know.  I'd love to see what you are working on.  If you want to share or post some pics you can do that here.  So....pick up your knitting needles or make a homemade soup from scratch, spark the handmade bug in your family by involving your kids and spouse.  And whatever you do, have fun doing it yourself!