Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A New Sewing Machine {What I Worked on Wednesday}

No, I'm not buying one personally, though I would totally dig that some day!  Today I invested in an industrial sewing machine for immigrant ladies living in the 'burbs of Atlanta in a place called Clarkston.  They make these cool accessories at Plywood People out of old billboards.  Can you say upcycle! 

I love the modern look of their accessories.  And I'm all about the fact that this billboard did not end up in a landfill somewhere.  This is a billfold.
An iPad Sleeve.
And a Satchel.
Wow, what a fabulous company!  They have an incredible mission to serve their community and a heart to reach out to strangers in a new land. I also love that they are training future sewista's {yes that is my made up word for she who sews wonderfully}.  Wahoo!

Plywood People is in innovative community addressing social needs.  They believe that, "We will be known by the problems we solve."  How true is that?!  And they have a passion to teach skills to the women in the community around them.  They have started a sewing school and are instructing on the art of sewing, along with English and equipping them with skills to find long-term employment.  

Here is a snippet from their blogpost "Cycle of Love" about fundraising for an industrial sewing machine.

They need an industrial sewing machine so they can be quicker and more efficient, but more importantly, so they can know how to use this type of machine for potential future jobs. Our Billboard Bags project is a one-year job training program [through Plywood People]—the goal is for them to gain all the experience they can and move on to other long term jobs. I want them to get good jobs and be valued as employees in their future jobs.

Would you consider making a donation to help this worthy cause?  Maybe you would prefer to support them by trying out a tote or a billfold.  Keep this store on your list for holiday gifts.  Its a gift that makes a difference. Just ask Kay Nwe.

What are you working on today?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Scrap Happy #Giveaway {Fabulous Fabric Friday}

Happy Friday! This week I want to share a pile of fabric scraps and an inspiration project with you. Now doesn't this little ruffled gift card holder just make you want to giggle cause its so cute and would be uber fun to pull out of your handbag every time you step up to the register?!  You can also use it for cash or credit cards so its got plenty of uses. Freespirit fabrics has posted a tutorial on how to make this on their blog. I fell in love with these and yes, they definitely got pinned on my "Patchies & Using up Scraps" board!

Do you have a stock pile of cute scraps that you want to sew up into piles of gifts for all your loved ones?  Well if you don't, I do! I think these will do the trick nicely.

It snowed yesterday in Minnesota for the first time this fall.  While I'm not ready to give up wearing my flip-flops just yet, I am definitely in my vesting stage.  Yes this is when you wear your vest, no gloves and sandals and pretend its warmer outside than it really is.  Then you stay inside as much as possible and find cool projects to sew!  

Now all you have to do to get this stack of 12 fabrics is leave comments below of what you'd make with this sweet stack and share this giveaway with your friends.  Easy Peasy!
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Please leave one post for each entry. Can't wait to hear all your ideas!   Entries accepted until Tuesday at midnight.  Winner drawn Wednesday. Open to US and Canada.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{What I Worked on Wednesday} Slox, Fashion for your Arms

Have you heard of my new line of arm warmers?  They're called Slox. {Sleeves + Sox = Slox} Yep I make them out of sox so they come in all kinds of great colors and print combo's.  This week I've been working on stocking my store, taking pictures and listing all these sweet little ditties.

Slox are super fun to make, but even more fun to wear.  They extend summer short sleeved shirts in to the perfect attire for a cool fall day.  See how layering these in with your tanks or tees totally extends your summer wardrobe?  Lovin' it!

My friend, Michelle, is a photographer and her daughter is one of my models.  They both do a great job, don't you think? Thanks so much Michelle and Lexi! 

What are you working on this fine Wednesday?