Monday, April 21, 2014

All Patched Up {Eagle Lake Elementary Art Week}

Our Project: Patchwork Pinwheels 

Our tables all ready for students to show up. Pattern + fabric is scattered around, just ready for some creative kids to turn it into something pretty.

We talked about repeating patterns and the kids drafted their own triangle patterns to cut around.  Here is a peek at one of the first ones getting made.  Cute chevrons!

Here is Mrs. M giving instruction with the video cam on proper gluing technique.  She is so smart, I wouldn't have figured out the kids needed coaching on how much glue to use until all the projects were dripping with it. Experience really is the best teacher, isn't it?  ;)

Here is a different twist on the pinwheel style. Cutting all those triangle pieces out of fabric is hard work, but the kids were such champs.  Excellent cutting skills, I was impressed! 

Here is a super bright one. Looks like summer, don't you think?

Here is one with a Heather Bailey print. I think she'd like it.  Two thumbs up here.

It was a successful day and I think there are some future sewing enthusiasts roaming those halls.  I can't wait to see the patchwork wall once all the classes have completed their squares.
Thanks for the fun time and allowing me to spend time with your students. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!  #spreadthehandmadelove

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gender Neutral Nursery {What I Worked on Wednesday}

Sewing for a new baby is always an exciting project! I had the honor of working with two sisters designing for this custom sewn nursery.  Gender was unknown,  which is so fun. This entire room is a handmade bundle of love.  Where should we start?

The tab curtains were made out of  Premier Prints Free Hand Twill. I love how playful this print is and that it looks hand drawn. How ideal for a child's room.

The fabric bunting was made out of grey and yellow coordinating prints.  The parents chose to hang it over the window and I think this is a very festive spot for it, don't you agree?

To the left in the chair is a floor pillow made out of a yummy plush minky.  This will be perfect for play time on the floor, pillow fights and the ocassional family movie night as their little one grows up.  I also hear that the family pooch may have claimed this as the perfect doggie pillow.  :)

This photo shows off the dresser runner in Riley Blake Chevron.  I also love the little white puppy hat that looks just like the family dog.  Last is a framed sliver of sunshine with each ray containing a handwritten message from family and friends.  What a special gift for this baby!

In this photo is a custom made crib sheet out of Riley Blake Dot Fabric. We also made a few other coordinating crib sheets in various prints.  The monogrammed chevron pillow with the "E" on it gives us a hint at what baby's name will be.  The "E" is made out of a silky yellow fabric and edged in white thread.  Wall art was thoughtfully coordinated and purchased on etsy.

One more picture to show off  this adorable stuffed elephant.  What a fun room to bring the new baby home to.  Congrats on your bundle of joy and thanks for letting me be part of this awesome project!

What are you working on this Wednesday?