Sunday, January 29, 2012

De-Stashing My Stash {February Fabric Challenge}

I come to a 4 way stop. There are 3 other cars at each of the other stop signs.  I look to the right, cause that driver has the right of way, and they wave me to go ahead.  The politically correct "Minnesota nice" thing to do would be to wave back at them to go ahead and proceed first.  However my typical response is to hit the gas when anyone hesitates at a stop sign.  Its not because I'm not nice, its 'cause I'm not patient.  I mean wouldn't we all be happier to continue on our way versus sit there and wave to other drivers to go ahead of us?  
Speaking of patience, I'm going to do something in February that will dramatically try my patience--or addiction, my fabric addiction that is.  I'm going to attempt to go a whole month (note I picked the shortest month of the year) to go without buying any fabric.  Oofta!  Who wants to join me?  I may need a support group to help me thru the month.  Cue the happy music--see Huz skipping joyfully across a meadow.  He's ecstatic over this goal I've set.

So, February is the month!  I'm going to use what I have, de-stash my stash.  I'm looking forward to using up all my scraps, or at least a lot of them,  and spending  time in the studio cleaning out and organizing.  After moving last summer, I was reacquainted with so many totes of gorgeous fabric, that I probably collected years ago when I worked at Joann Fabrics.  The only way I'll ever "dig out" is to make a conscious effort to not acquire more for a little while.  I think a month should give me the time I need to make a dent in the mounting pile of scrap-dom, yes there is small mountain of it!

So, just to set the stage for the February Fabric Challenge, I wanted to share this awesome quilt that someone made with scraps from my studio.  

A lady from church told me her mom was coming to visit and was wondering if I had any fabric scraps for her to sew on.  Do I?  Um, hello, I'm a fabric addict!  So I was super excited to dump a bag of scraps on her and her unsuspecting mom.  Well, much to my surprise, she made me a quilt out of them.  Whaaaat? 
First of all, that takes an incredible amount of time (and patience) and also hand cutting.  Check out this great block.  Love the colors!  Have I mentioned I adore patchwork?  *sigh* 
And this one...the mushroom print makes me smile.  And look at all that hand cutting, yes I know I just said this. Its cause I rarely do it.  My style of quilt is usually termed, Quilt in a Day, or Easy, or Quick.  That is not the case with this quilt.  I'm in awe that she would make this and then give it away.  Its truly a work of art!  Ok, enough of the drooling.  So I'm inspired to go start using up my scraps.  What is your favorite project to use up scraps? I'd love to add them to my pinterest  board.  Well, here's to a month of patience,  self-control and maybe a little more Minnesota Nice!


  1. Favorite blog post ever! De-stash away!

  2. Love it! If you have any deep teals or any shade of teal, mustard or charcoal gray I'll take those! I have some ideas that need fabric for the wedding!

  3. Hannah I can totally hook you up, c'mon over and take a peek anytime! :)