Friday, December 24, 2010

A Tradition, a Gingerbread House and a lot of Sugar!

On one of our snow days we assembled a Gingerbread House decked out in a wonderful assortment of brightly colored candies.  Santa will love this one!  I finally got the consistency of the frosting to be like "toothpaste" as the directions advise and Yeowza! did that frosting dry fast and hold tight.  It was much more fun decorating a house that wasn't constantly losing a wall or having half of the roof slide off.  The boys had a blast adorning it and had very little coordination on design with each other, isn't it cute?!  I love it!

Of course we finished it off with me squeezing a large sum of extra frosting right into the boys' mouths, an annual tradition with the leftover frosting.  They bounced off the walls for the next two days.  I hope Santa doesn't chip a tooth on the hard candies!  What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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