Saturday, December 11, 2010

DIY Eco Friendly Art

It was time to update the art in Owen's room. Sadly it still sported the wonderful artwork of his older brother, who has a different room now.  Owen loves animals and I love great looking wall art that costs next to nothing and is eco-friendly.  So....I snatched an old calendar that I used in 2009 and saved just in case I was inspired.  Today was my inspiration day.  It's stocked with some great black and white pictures of frogs.  Check out these great photos...
King for a day...

A little fishing anyone?

Just hanging around.

This was a 5 minute makeover switching out the current art for some sophisticated looking frogs.  It didn't cost me a thing and I have professional looking photos on the walls.   Best yet,  Owen doesn't have to be bummed that we have 4 feet of snow in the window wells for the next 3 months instead of a well stocked pad full of frogs and toads.  And the finished product....drum roll please.  


What eco-friendly projects have you encountered lately?

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