Thursday, May 17, 2012

{What I Worked on Wednesday} "Quilts of Hope" Blocks

I bumped into a really cool blogger, Deborah, who makes Quilts of Hope.  Doesn't that name just make you excited?!  Quilts of Hope provides quilts to a home in Russia for girls who have been rescued from abusive situations.  I love hearing about organizations like this who have a passion to give to others in need. Its like reaching out and giving a hug, from half way around the world.
I just want to giggle when I think about a girl around the world from me getting a gift from a complete stranger.  I think, "won't she be surprised!" Deborah is sewing together blocks that others send and taking them with her when her family goes there in October as finished quilts. Aren't these blocks that others have sent great?! So many pretty styles and fabrics...

I made a bunch of blocks during my February destash to put in the quilts.  I hope that by using some of my scraps I can do something in even the tiniest way to help one of these girls on their path to healing. I affectionately call these scribble dots.

Here is more about the project from Deborah's blog...

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the Deborah House and the work of Missio Link International in Romania.

'Deborah House provides a unique and critically needed sanctuary for severly abused girls, providing a healing sanctuary where hurt fades and is turned into hope'. 

I am in contact with Lorena, Mum to all the girls and I urge you to read her story and details of her amazing work here. She explains, ' if you wonder why SPER.MLI? SPER, in Romanian means HOPE and is the acronym of Services for People at Risk. '

And this brings me to a brainstorm which involves reaching out to my quilting sisters around the globe! 

This, dear friends is the plan ...

Send an 8x8 inch block to the address at the bottom of this post.  The block can be anything at all.  Perhaps you would like to sign it or write a message, or maybe use your country's colours or emblems.

The first blocks received (unless you specify that you want them to be made into quilts for the girls) will be made into a quilt which will be a prize for an online competition with 100% of proceeds going to MIL for the Deborah House.  Subsequent blocks will be made into quilts for the Deborah House and delivered by our family in October.

Should anyone wish to make something larger than a block, we hope to visit orphanages (details to follow) during our trip and could drop off baby quilts or children's knitted items.

If you have scraps that you would be willing to sew into 8"x8" blocks and want to share a hug around the world I encourage you to participate with this project.  If you want to send the blocks to a US address, I will be sending my package and anyone else's over to Deborah in the UK at the end of June.  I'd love to include your blocks if you want to join me.  My address is below:
46743 Melanie Drive
Madison Lake, MN 56063

What are you working on today?


  1. I love this idea. What a wonderful, simple way to give & connect to others with so much need. I am pinning this post to Pinterest to spread your good word there.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I've always wanted to learn how to quilt. This might just be the motivation I need.