Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{What I Worked On Wednesday} LIGHT Swaddlers!

Want to lighten up a bit this summer?  Well we are right there with you!  Our new light swaddlers are made of fashion weight cotton for the perfect swaddle during the warm summer months.  Take baby in the great outdoors without sweatin' it up.  I've been pumping out the LIGHT swaddlers lately, moms love these for hot summer months.  Which is your favorite print?
How to know if you have a good blanket for swaddling:

1. It should be square. If it's not, you will have a lopsided swaddle.
2. It should be big. If it's not big enough baby will wiggle out. Stick with blankies at least 40"x 40". Anything smaller than that will be difficult to get a good wrap after multiple washings.
3. It should be natural. Cotton allows that fresh baby skin to breathe while keeping baby secure.

Here is a step-by-step pictorial of the perfect swaddle.  Happy Baby=Happy Mom!
What are you working on this fine day?

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