Thursday, July 17, 2014

Studio #Organization for Pretty Little Things

We've been really busy working on our little remodeling project and now that some of the projects are getting finished its time for the fun stuff.  Organization, woot! Some days getting completely organized seems to be an unattainable task. However, living in chaos is a choice that no one should make, as being disorganized actually makes life so much harder. If you’re a sewista, all your supplies can quickly grow out of control, causing you stress and money when you wind up buying things you actually don’t need. Instead, if your life is not quite as pulled together as you wish it to be, make a plan to organize one aspect a day—and make it fun! 

A few of my favorite ways to get organized, beautifully:

A fabric filing cabinet? Brilliant! Anyone creative knows that fabric stashes seem to multiply. This system files fabric neatly while allowing it to be accessible, so you can see what you have with just a glance. Love it for anything under 1 yard in length!

Glass jars are beautiful, and when they feature gorgeous fabric lids like these, they effortlessly become part of the décor. These jam jars can stash tiny items—think push pins or paper clips. Top them with your favorite fabric scraps cut to fit and voilà.  So pretty!

Baker's twine can be anyone's worst enemy, as the unraveling process can cause you to unravel, too. Instead, stop it pronto with this ingenious sugar jar idea.

When our management methods include or result in something beautiful, tasks become less daunting and more appealing. What are your favorite tips for organizing your space to make it easy on the eyes?  I'd love to hear them!

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