Friday, January 20, 2012

Superhero Suckers {A Valentine Tutorial}

Owen asked me Saturday morning, "What projects are we gonna do today, Momma?"  I showed him a photo of these cute little treats and we were off, coffee cup in hand, making our own valentine's.  I'm a huge advocate of giving gifts from the heart.  Anything handmade has love written all over it, especially when it comes from a child.  I'm ecstatic that my kids are still enjoying making handmade gifts, I couldn't get enough of them when I was little, still can't!  I'm not sure that my creative activities compete with a good wrestling match between brothers in the family room on a cold winter day, but I'll amuse myself by believing its high on their list of things to do on a "stay-at-home" day.  Ignorance is bliss sometimes, ya know?

Below are step by step instructions on how we made these--enjoy!

Scrapbooking paper
Tootsie Roll Pop Suckers
Paper hole Punch
Sharpie Marker
Spaghetti Strainer

1. Cut scrapbooking paper into 2"x 3" rectangles.  I used my fiskars paper cutter and can do several sheets at a time.  These were done in a snap!

2.  Round corners on back and front.  I took a little more off the front than the back. Punch hole on front in the center.

3. Write your love note on the cape.  If you're 5 this can be a heart instead of words.

4.  Cut mask rectangle 4"x 1/2".  Color two little eye slots with a black sharpie marker in the center.

5.  Glue mask to sucker.  I glued the mask into a circle and also glued it to the sucker wrapper so it wouldn't slip. Don't you just love the preschooler handwriting?!

6.  Slide cape up the sucker stick.  It must go on top of the wrapper to stay in place.  I stuck mine in a spaghetti strainer to hold the finished Valentine's!

Hand out the super love!  XOXOXO

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