Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{What I Worked on Wednesday} Slox, Fashion for your Arms

Have you heard of my new line of arm warmers?  They're called Slox. {Sleeves + Sox = Slox} Yep I make them out of sox so they come in all kinds of great colors and print combo's.  This week I've been working on stocking my store, taking pictures and listing all these sweet little ditties.

Slox are super fun to make, but even more fun to wear.  They extend summer short sleeved shirts in to the perfect attire for a cool fall day.  See how layering these in with your tanks or tees totally extends your summer wardrobe?  Lovin' it!

My friend, Michelle, is a photographer and her daughter is one of my models.  They both do a great job, don't you think? Thanks so much Michelle and Lexi! 

What are you working on this fine Wednesday?


  1. Cool idea! I'll be working on some pea pods, a witch hat (or 2 maybe!) and getting my boy's clothes ready for consignment.

  2. Are the pea pods a Halloween costume? Sounds cute!