Sunday, February 26, 2012

Handmade Gifts in No Time {Ruffled Towel Tutorial}

Do you ever need a quick gift and want that handmade touch, but have a large to-do list to knock out at nap time?  No problem! You may know that I've been trying to de-stash my fabric stash this month and so far I think its working.  This project was made with leftover scraps.  These are quick and can be done in about 3-4 minutes per towel if you use a ruffle accessory foot on your sewing machine.  Here we go!

Cut 4" x 44" wide strip of fabric.  Iron down 1/2" from the front to the back on the top and bottom edges the entire length of the fabric.

Run the top and bottom edges through the accessory foot ruffler.  
Don't you just love this sweet little tool? That was less than a minute flat!

Pin the ruffle 3" up from the bottom of the towel.  This should be plenty of ruffle length for any normal sized hand towel.  Stitch down on all four sides and cross the finish line.

I think a set of three towels with a hand pump soap tops the gift off nicely.  

I like to put them in an Izze drink 4-pack case, which I save for just such an occasion...and because I struggle to throw anything useful away.  {You should see my bottle cap collection!}
This is a cute way to display the towels and repurpose the cardboard carry case which I love.  Add a handwritten card and Voila, done.  Now back to that pile of laundry!

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