Saturday, February 5, 2011

Upcycled Cotton Yarn

Look at this great find I stumbled across.  Upcycled t-shirt yarn!  I love finding unique ways to reuse cast offs that may have served their useful purpose, but still have life.  This cute little shop on etsy, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Green Tee Yarns, has done just that! What a creative and eco-friendly way to keep t-shirts out of our landfills. This yarn has great texture and is 100% cotton so it won't get pilly.  I'm sitting here wishing I had better crochet or knitting skills.  See this sweet color, burnt orange. Are you lovin' it like me?!

Burnt Orange

Here are a couple other colors from the shop:
Rainbow Candy

Dusty Blue


  I'm just giddy to see something made out of this.  Do I have any knitting or crochet followers out there willing to give it a try? Shoot me a note and I'll buy the first skein!


  1. I don't know that I'd get so carried away as to call myself a knitter . . . I actually make baby hats on a loom (a feat ANYONE could accomplish), but I'm interested to see how this would work!

  2. Sounds cute! Let me know what color you want and where to ship it. :)

  3. I'm loving me some rainbow candy, but I think the bubblegum pink would better for my project! I'm SUPER excited about trying this out! I will certainly send you a pic when the project is complete, though at the rate I usually craft, it may be a little while! :o. I will convo you my address via easy. Thanks again for the opportunity! Love your stuff! :)

  4. Sorry, that was suppose to be etsy, but my computer autocorrected! :o