Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stuff Parents Need Review and Giveaway

Stuff Parents Need
Wrap Your Bathing Beauty in Luxury (GIVEAWAY!!!)

Several months ago, I featured a delightful shop called Ahmelie because they carry swaddling blankets that are not only beautiful, but also actually large enough for use ( a traditional receiving blanket is WAY too tiny...check out my post on receiving blankets for more info on that topic).

I'm pleased to be bringing you another fabulous find from Ahmelie. This one is perfect to wrap your little toddler in after bath time! Check out her drop dead gorgeous hooded towels! Have you ever in your life seen such beautiful bath sheets???
Ahmelie sent us the Organic Watermelon towel, made with material by Amy Butler. Tim was with me when I opened it, and he audibly swooned when he saw it. This guy is not so easily impressed, but I'm telling you, he was boderline gushing. The colors are bold, bright and beautiful, and such a nice break from the pastel pink that has taken over our home. The towel is also one of those REALLY good ones. You know...huge, super soft, and very absorbent.

This towel measures 31" x 56", so it is great for her to use now at the beginning of her toddler years, but is large enough that she'll still be using it probably until she's old enough to think it isn't cool to have a hooded towel (maybe 9? I dunno...). Ahmelie has a wonderful selection of hooded towels, with prices starting at just $19.00. These make a really awesome gift for a toddler or child! And let me just be honest...I wouldn't mind having one in my size. Just sayin'.

Bottom line, Ahmelie has a tremendous selection of beautiful and functional gifts for babies, toddlers and even hip moms. Check out the shop today; you are sure to find something you'll love! Ahmelie also has a shop at Big Cartel, and you can get 10% off there by using promo code STUFFPARENTS10.

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