Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cabin Makeover Update--Chairs & Pillows

                                      Before                                  After
Now that the paint is drying outside, let's take a peek at some improvements on the inside....did I mention that this cabin came partially furnished?  Well it did, and sometimes there's a reason things are left behind.  This poor chair and faded cushion was really needing a pick-me-up, so I set out to do just that.  Instead of getting new interior cushions at Pier One or the like, I shopped the outdoor seasonal cushions and snagged these at 40% off!  I sewed on some ties so they won't slip off the chair frame and VOILA!  Updated chairs for a fraction of the price!  Cozy little throw pillows in Amy Butler's Fresh Start fabric, invite the fam to pull up a seat and enjoy and ice cold glass of lemonade.  These work great in the family room and are also portable enough for the sun porch.

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